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Thursday, January 17, 2013


It was pretty sad ripping apart the interior of this lovely Catalina 36.  A proper salvage effort could have probably saved the boat but that was not to be.  What's left will be crushed and hauled off to a land fill next week.  Pictures are of some of the salvage that will be available after the weekend.  Several of you have contacted us regarding certain items and parts. We delivered the engine to our mechanic this morning.  He will change the fluids, test run it and do whatever he feels necessary so we can give it a clean bill of health.  Hour meter reads 1580 and it appears that it was not under water.  We'll probably spend $400.00 on it and price it at about $2900.00.  If there are any gamblers out there that want it as is right now we feel $2500.00 would be a fair price.  It is the Universal diesel engine that came stock with 100's of the Catalinas before they switched to Yanmars.  The rest of the salvage will be modestly priced.  The teak louver doors are in excellent condition.  The Maxwell anchor windlass was a total bitch getting off.  I personally took it apart and kept all the parts together.  It seems to be a vertical windlass that Catalina mounted sideways.  Genoa track and cars are in great condition, so is the mainsheet traveler system.  The spray dodger appears excellent.  The mast and boom came out of the boat in excellent  condition and was sold to someone while boat was lying on the beach.  I was talking to the new owner of it and he is now thinking it is too big and heavy for the racing catamaran he is building.  There's a good chance it might be for sale again???  All for now.  Ernie... P.S. The story that goes with the shipwreck is that the owner was heading from San Diego to Catalina island.  Seems as if he had a bit too much grog, passed out and woke up in the surf on Main Beach, in Laguna Beach, California.

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