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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Engine Pumps & Sailboat Hardware.. Great Values!!!

One picture is several raw water pumps for various marine engines. Most boaters carry extra impellers and a lot of yachtsman carry complete spare pumps. We've noticed that when a boat owner is getting ready to sell his boat he pulls a lot of his engine spares off and sells them to us. He knows he won't be getting any extra money for his spares.

Also pictured is one showcase full of sailboat hardware. We have a great selection. Spinnaker pole mast fittings, genoa cars, fair leads with cars, main sheet cars, turning blocks etc. Quite a bit of gear off Kialoa, Whitbread race boats, Alaska Eagle and other local ocean racers. We know our prices are fair and reasonable.... Come check it out. We've one very special customer named Dave. He's a 747 pilot for Cathay Pacific airlines. Three or four times a year he parks his plane in L.A., rents a car (usually has a gorgeous Philippine airline stewardess with him) and bee-lines it to Minneys. He's purchased Ken De Muese's 70' Bill Tripp designed aluminum race boat "Blackfin" on the beach after a hurricane and is restoring her in the Philippines. He's always good for $1000.00 in big boat gear. I think his "air freight" shipping bill is quite reasonable too.... Free left over "Trick or Treat" candy at Minney's today.....


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