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Friday, November 4, 2011


We are attempting to help the Newport Beach Nautical Museum find a home for this nice looking 40 foot cutter. I took these pictures yesterday. I remembered this boat from years past, raced against it and noted that it sailed well and was extremely fast. What surprised me was that it hadn't been stripped of all its gear. The Universal diesel engine was reported to run, the batteries looked clean and in good condition. The teak decks need re-conditioning, and the hull looked as if it might need re-fastening in places. The boat is sitting at a dock at the Balboa Fun Zone and may be seen by contacting Glenn Baaten at Explore Ocean. Phone number 949-675-8915 ex-108 or 949-675-8864 or e-mail him @ This boat has been donated to the Nautical Museum, they have no use for it, they need the dock space and and set the price extremely low for a QUICK SALE! $5000.00

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