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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It took awhile but we finally got our friends in China to come up with a bell that has a separate mounting bracket. Pictured is a nice little bell with the mounting bracket attached to it. It has a nice ring with about a 5" diameter at the widest point. These are great Christmas gifts that are priced at $42.95. I'm sure you all know that the USCG requires a bell to be aboard ALL boats. If they board you and one is not on board they will give you a citation. Why must you have a bell? No, not to call your crew at mealtime. When you are at anchor in thick fog you ring your bell to warn other boaters of your location.

Lots of blocks. Pictured is one of about ten bins full of various types and sizes of blocks. Many are new. Merriman, Ronstan, Harken, Lewmar, Nico Fico, Mariner, all the popular brands pass through our little store....

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  1. What's the coolest of most unusual thing that's ever been through the Minney's?