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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Snowmass is only a 25 minute drive from a little log cabin I have been working on in the town of Carbondale, Colorado.  I made this little video to share with my face book friends and thought I would also put it on my blog.  In a way these balloon guys have a lot in common with us sailors.  In fact in touching some of the fabric the balloons are made of, it sure looked like 1.5 oz. rip stop spinnaker material? The winds propel the balloons and each balloon captain has a "chase crew" that is in radio contact with the pilot.  The crew tries to figure out where the balloon will finally land so they can be there to break down the balloon and haul it away.  I'm sure there's 1000's of interesting stories where some of these guys have landed.  Talk about color.  Just as good as an afternoon finish in the Ensenada race. The music is"The Jolly Blacksmith" circus music from 1888.........

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