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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

S.O.S !!!  If you want a U.S. Government Nautical Chart Agent in Orange County, I need your help.  The "Feds" have put all chart agents on quotas and because of everyone using chart plotters the demand for paper charts has fallen way off.  In my mind, no prudent skipper would go to sea without up to date paper charts to back up his electronic  charts.  To help me make my quota and continue being the "go to" Nautical Chart agent in Orange County I am offering charts AT MY COST for the next two weeks.  Your minimum order must be $500.00 or more and you must study our catalogs and come up with the correct chart numbers.  The "Feds" give us a 50% discount so as you can see, you will be saving some serious bucks. This offer good only on charts of U.S. waters.  All charts must be paid for in full before we put in the order to Uncle Sam..........This offer expires on September 20, 2012 or as soon as we reach our 2012 quota.........  Ernie

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