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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


For the past five years I've been having plumbing problems in one of the bathrooms of my little log cabin.  I could only get a couple flushes from the toilet then things backed up including the kitchen sink.  With my trusty plunger, boiling water and a lot of patience I was just barely able to keep things draining.  With winter around the corner I decided to find a plumbing service that had a video camera he could send into the 4" sewer pipe.  For 2 hours the plumber used his snake with sharp cutters on it thinking the problem would be tree roots in the old clay sewer pipe.  Getting nowhere he dropped the video cable into the toilet discharge and as he watched the video screen he exclaimed "my god, I thought I've seen everything!!!"  He called me to the video screen and said, "here's your problem, someone had managed to bore and send a 1 1/2" gas line right through the center of old clay sewer pipe, which was also surrounded with tree roots."  The plumber found it unbelievable that we had been using this bathroom for the past five years.  He said in 30 years in the plumbing business he had never seen the likes of this???

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