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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Boat Parade Of Lights STARTS TONIGHT!!

The Newport Beach Christmas "Boat Parade Of Lights" starts tonight. This is a HUGE money maker for our little city. Every charter boat in the area will be putting around the bay for the next 5 nights. Thousands of "in landers" will be heading to the beach to watch the parade and dine aboard the Horn Blower passenger liners and our bay front restaurants. Traffic will be heavy and parking near the bay front and harbor view vantage points will be challenging. More then 70 boats will be lighted and decorated. A special feature this year will be "Rocket Man" flying 20 to 30 feet above the bay wearing his jet pack over his Santa Suit. If you're on the bay it will be pretty much chaos because every Duffy electric boat (all 800 of the floating bars) will be cruising about in addition to about 500 local yachts. Bleachers will be set up down at the Fun Zone. The Sea Scout Base and Orange Coast College Sailing Center is a good place to watch from if you can find a place to park your car. Weather should be beautiful. This is the Newport Beach official start of the Holiday Season so "come on down" and enjoy the most extravagant "Yachting Parade Of Christmas Lights" on the planet.......... P.S. A tip to my BLOGGERS: Irvine Ave. dead ends on the cliffs above Newport Harbor. There's a little park on King's Road directly above PCH that overlooks the bay. There's a public school at Tustin & Cliff Drive with a big parking lot. Get here early and stay off Newport Blvd (it will be gridlock) the parade will be going by the park around 7:30. Stay sober, the cops are everywhere and do BIG BUSINESS on parade nights.........

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