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Saturday, December 31, 2011


The year '2011 is falling astern and '2012 is on the horizon. Highlights of '2011 included the Cabo Yacht auction where we bought so much stuff we had to rent 18 wheeler trucks to move it. Our assistant manager Josh, my son was lucky enough to be chosen to crew aboard the 70' ocean racer, "Alaska Eagle" on a voyage around Cape Horn to South Georgia island and back up to Argentina. If you're in a management position at Minneys, you need to have a little salt-water under your keel. We made a huge line purchase (over $50,000.00) that made dock lines, anchor lines, halyards and sheets available to you at 50% savings. For such a little store, we're starting to deal in serious dollar amounts and large volume purchases. We bought quite a lot of gear and equipment from boat owners that lost their boats to the bank. We also noted that dozens of good boats were cut up and scrapped. Owner's couldn't sell them, got sick of paying high docking fees and just gave them away or sent them to the boat junk yard. We probably sold more sails than that largest sail maker in Southern California. We've found a great inch and know we save you guys hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by making good used sails available and at affordable prices. I still tag, measure and price almost every sail that goes out the door. I see first hand the great sails you guys are purchasing and the value you are receiving. A really nice thing has happened to us. A friend and sailmaker has been granted a Doyle Sailmaking franchise and has moved into the building next door to us. We now have on-site re-cutting and professional advice available 50 feet from out front door. Yes, '2011 has been a great gear and it's all because of you, OUR CUSTOMER!!! Please accept our sincere thanks for letting us help you supply your boating needs, and especially we want to thank you for the tons of boat gear, sails, hardware etc. that you bring to our front door every year and sell us so we can in turn recycle it and get it afloat once again...... HAPPY NEW YEAR. Ernie Minney and the crew at Minney's...


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