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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hemp and Manila Rope.......

Hemp and Manila rope is slowly becoming impossible to get. We've stumbled onto a great source (don't know how long it will last?) and presently have a good stock available. Landscapers purchase it, Disneyland buys it from us, the L.A. County Fair bought 5000 feet of 3" manila from us and so on. Our ship just came in from the Philippines, port of Manila (that's why they call it Manila rope) so we have a good selection. One inch diameter $1.00 a foot- One and a half inch diameter $1.50 per foot-Two inch diameter $2.00 per foot. You know who else is purchasing large quantities of the 2" rope is health spas, work out gyms, schools and the military. They shake long lengths of it to build up their muscles, climb it, have tug of wars etc. We've got rope and line for all REASONS..... Same day shipping........

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