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Saturday, December 10, 2011


We've got some great sails in stock right now. December is a bit of a slow month in the boating world and to liven things up a bit, we are giving an additional 10% off if you pay ca$h. We pay the credit card companies almost 4% in transfer fees, we'd just as soon pass the saving on to you. A J-105 spinnaker just came in, 1.5 oz. assyo. nice condition, North, with a sock priced it at $895.00
That's just one of the great values we have in our 1000 sail inventory. How can we sell sails at such modest prices? Answer: We pay cash for every sail in our inventory and don't have a complicated consignment system like all the other sail brokers. We buy the sails right and are free to swap them, adjust the prices and are free to go in any direction without contacting their owners. A "bloke" called from England yesterday. Wants the head sail with the 90' luff in almost new condition for his mega-ketch. Mr North would probably quote him about 20 G's, our prices stop at $1500.00!! Price of the sail, $1495.00 plus shipping...........

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