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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Huge savings @ $3.50 per pound! Rope & Line

Pictured is the rope making process at one of our leading suppliers. Their machines are set up and run all night with a skeleton crew. If one strand of thread breaks, the weaving process continues until someone discovers it. Many times the broken thread isn't discovered until the quality control crew inspects and actually counts the threads. This company produces line for the military, USCG, fire departments etc. It must be exact and if it's not perfect, the line goes to Minneys at a price usually less than the cost of the yarn. That's where our $3.50 a pound yacht braid, dock lines etc. comes from. It will make no difference to you in your use of this line for anchor lines, jib sheets, dock lines etc. And the savings is huge. We also stock their perfect line and sell tons of it each year at fair market prices..... That's one of the ways, "WE KEEP BOATING AFFORDABLE" for you..........

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