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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Been moored at Marina Ensenada for the past five days.  Pictures are of the heart of the waterfront down town Ensenada, Mexico. Things a bit slow down here in regards to boating.  Baja Naval has lots of empty slips and they say things a bit slow in the boat yard.  Cruise Port Marina is about 70% full.  They quoted me a monthly rate of about $10.00 per foot.  Will stop and fuel and Marina Coral on the way north and see what's going on there?  Weather's been great.  Word's out on the waterfront about the great looking "Schooner or Later" tee shirts.  Has passed out about 15 of them.  Have a great weekend......  Ernie  Background music is Brazil by Los Vagabundos del Mar.....

1 comment:

  1. Ernie,
    Lot's of us who live far away (La Paz MX) would love one of those shirts. Why not pick a favorite charity of yours, charge 15 bucks plus shipping, give five to the charity and we can have a shirt and spread the Minnie story. I still show folks stuff on the boat with your price marking on them and they shake their heads and add you to the list for their next north trip.
    Put me on the list for the first shirt. San Diego address that gets stuff down here in 3-5 days, no aduana.
    Bob Walker