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Friday, August 17, 2012

Plastic windows & Clipper Ship capstans !!!

The new windows are now installed on my little sloop.  They gave the boat a whole new look.  The cabin side was foam core and it took about 20 minutes grinding per window to make the new windows fit properly.  A drum sanding disc on a drill motor did the job nicely.  A 15 million dollar yacht was down wind from me only about 30 feet away. With a crew member holding the suction end of monster shop vacuum we were able to suck up most the dust and had no complaints from the neighboring skipper.  Top photo is Mark Heacox, owner of Mark Plastics.  He spent over 2 hours with me showing me how to fit and install the large window.  Making the two aft windows sliders was totally worth the extra trouble of adjusting the opening a bit.  Mark's phone number is 951-735-7705.  Give him a shout if you need some windows.  Also pictured is store manager Dave O'Hara looking over our latest treasure.  Can you believe it? An original hand operated capstan off the famous clipper ship that is now on display at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  Yes, you read it right!!  "BALCLUTHA" SCOTLAND... Have a great weekend......Ernie and the crew at Minneys.


  1. Window insulation kits are typically in stock at home supply and hardware stores, and, for less than ten dollars, you can usually get a kit that will insulate 5 standard size windows or at least one extra large window.

  2. Thanks, Ernie. Replacing my ports on my Yorktown is one of the projects this year and I need to get a better understanding of measurements, installation, etc.