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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hola Amigos !!!  My pics should give you a good hint as to where I'm hanging out and why you are having a bit of trouble finding "Anita" so you can get a free Minney's Tee shirt.  The word is out on the waterfront that Minney is in town.  Almost hourly waterfront characters are showing up with marine hardware in an attempt to cash it out.  Ensenada is like a second home to me.  I've been coming here for years purchasing items from wrecked yachts, the Baja Naval boatyard etc. etc.  Several months ago I purchased most of the hardware off the big Wheeler power boat that is being cut up near "Anita".  The only things left that are any good is the big teak swim step and a large Ideal windlass.  Much too big to haul home on my little sloop.  Perhaps I may purchase them and stow them at Baja Naval till my next trip back to Mexico with my trailer.  We're in day two of trying to check in and out of Ensenada.  They don't make it easy for you.  After almost six hours of running around town we thought we were going to get our final stamp and clearance when the lady at the desk stated we need one more item that was new on the list of clearing papers.  Our SANITY PERMIT??  Wow! That was a new one on us?  Anyway we thought it was some type of medical clearance stating that we wern't nuts for coming to Mexico for only one week?  Back at the Ensenada Marina office Paulina, the lovely lady in charge cleared things up for us.  What we needed was a SANITARY PERMIT and it was totally new to her?  It took most the afternoon to finally get the paper so this morning we took it back to the port captain's office thinking this was going to be our final trip.  Yes, we had finally done everything right by ten AM.  We paid our port fees, $35.00 and as we left the lady at the desk held up all our papers and said, "come back at one PM and take all these papers to another office nearby to get them signed".  Yes, this is totally the land of manana, we are in no hurry and we are meeting a lot of nice people along the way. Have a great weekend.  This note from a lovely "Starbuck's" downtown Ensenada, Mexico.......P.S. The locals read my BLOG, I've already given away 5 SCHOONER OR LATER tee shirts......

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