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Sunday, August 5, 2012


My little boat has needed new windows and ports ever since I purchased her.  Today I finally got it in gear and popped the windows and ports out of my boat.  As soon as they were out I taped old nautical charts over the openings to keep dust and paint from getting into the interior.  I scraped off the old putty and sealers and lightly sanded the cabin sides.  I mixed up a hot batch of Bondo and filled in old screw holes, a few damaged areas etc.  Sanded, more Bondo, more sanding and continually used my little vacuum to keep cleaning up the dust and old putty.  Wiped everything down with a rag with thinner on it.  Masked off areas I didn't want paint on, mixed up a batch Easy Poxy and applied my first coat of under coat.  Will get a second coat of undercoat on today and after a light sanding tomorrow will put on the first of two coats of Easy Poxy white enamel. The owner of "MARK PLASTICS"phone number 951-735-7705 is coming down tomorrow to make patterns for new windows and said they will be completed by thursday or friday.  I really dreaded this job but as in most things, once the decision is made to get the job done, things went quickly.  The man from MARK PLASTICS is a Southern California legend.  He has patterns for about 80% of the boats built in our area for the past 35 years.  He had patterns for my Down East 38 but said some really sloppy work was  done on the 38's and that he'd feel better if he came to the boat and made new window templates. Is that cool or what??? All in all it took about 4 hours to do one half the boat. You may wonder why I'm not using L.P. paint.  Thought about it? It's tricky stuff to use, extremely expensive and I've never used it.  I really like the Easy Poxy.  Did my kitchen with it ten years ago and it still looks new.  Did the outer side of my bulwarks with it 3 years ago and it still looks good.  It brushes on easily and is very forgiving.  We sell it at the store marking it up only 10%.  Give it a try........I also LOVE Bondo.  Used it on all my wood boats.  It sets up like a rock, a "hot batch" dries and you can sand it in 20 minutes and it is CHEAP !!!


  1. Renovation of new windows is so cool and makes the yacht look organize and new.

  2. “I really dreaded this job but as in most things, once the decision is made to get the job done, things went quickly.” And if you keep your head fixed on your goal, you’ll be able to finish it easily without you even noticing it. :) I commend you for pushing through with the project; it indeed requires full effort and hard work. By the way, vinegar and water are also good solutions in cleaning a boat’s windows.

    Mark Brown

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  4. The new windows made your boat look new! Everything was done smoothly. It’s as if the window replacement was done by a professional. Where did you learn to replace your windows? Good job!

    -Paulina Kimberly