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Saturday, August 4, 2012


No, we didn't hi-jack a truck!!!  A couple of guys were the high bidders for $100,000.00 worth of "WICHARD" top quality stainless steel sailboat hardware several years ago.  They intended to re-sell it on the internet but never got around to it.  They called us a few days ago and after some intense negotiations we secured the entire lot for our little store.  We are slowly getting it priced and out on display.  We've taken one of the big box store's catalog and reduced the prices by 50 to 70% on practically all items.  "WICHARD" is the real deal.  It's what the BIG BOYS insist on for America's Cup-Volvo round the world etc.  Practically all items have been load tested and are stamped with the "WICHARD" logo.  If you want top quality at Chinese knock-off prices, drop by and check out our stock.  The half models from the estate sale are now displayed in our stair well   If you want the captain's room in your home to look like a yacht club, pick a few of these little beautys up.  We've also got about 50 trophies, some dating back to the 30's.  You can "trophy up" and not even leave the dock. Most trophys are sterling silver plated, engraved, some have yacht club burgees, about drinking glass size and are selling quickly at $14.00 each......

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