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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5 Day Guest Anchorage and free wash down dock !!!

The cruisers are arriving.  Hey you guys, I just pulled off a really neat deal for you.  As some of you might know, they are dredging Newport Harbor and the over night and up to 5 days anchorage is up at the West end of the bay right in front of the new DIV BAR restaurant.  I've made arrangements with the management of the DIV-BAR for you guys to tie up, wash down and take on water until 12:00 noon every day.  You can then anchor out (only a couple hundred yards away) and dinghy back to the DIV-BAR's dock for lunch and a cold beer or hike up to Minneys a little less than a mile away and do some last minute outfitting before heading off to San Diego.  In our lifetimes we'll probably never be able to anchor in that part of the bay again.  Actually, it's the most sensible spot to have a public overnight anchorage but tell that to the Federal Government.  Give it a try.  Once at Minneys, if your purchases are too heavy we'll figure a way to get it down to the DIV-BAR.  Purchase new anchor chain and we'll deliver it with our work boat directly to your hawse pipe.  Now, how's that for service  I'm pretty sure DIV-BAR has the largest guest dock in Newport Harbor.  Probably about 6 forty footers could all tie up at the same time.  While at the DIV-BAR, be sure to say hello to one of the managers, Marcus.  He's outfitting a cruising sloop and will probably be in the HA-HA next year.  

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