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Friday, July 22, 2011


For over 40 years a local Newport Beach company and been building the best battery chargers in the industry. Lewco Electric. I've had them on all my boats and continue to use them. I am also using several of them for my little casita in Baja. Boat owners are now replacing the Lewco chargers with inverters and the Lewco chargers are ending up at my store. If you just want to charge batterys give the Lewcos a try. Usually about a dozen in stock. 20 amp and 40 amp at less than half the new price. Lewco is still in business and also rebuilds all types of electrical motors, and alternators.

Also, we got lucky at the Cabo auction and stole a nice selection of Cruise Aire air conditioning units and reefer compress0r units. This stuff in brand new and priced at about 50%

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