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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There really is an "old boys network." Takes 30 or 40 years to become a member but once you're accepted, good things come your way. In our case, it's weekly calls from leaders in the marine industry about marine hardware close-outs, boat company closings, auctions and yachts being cut up. Recently a local boat yard owner cleaned house and had a "blow out" sale. Several days later two pick-up truck loads of boat gear arrived our store. I checked it out, went to the boat yard prepared to pay a handsome sum for the items left over from his yard sale and the yard owner stated, "I don't want any money, you're doing me a favor by making more room in my store, one of these days I may need something from your place?" Pictured are brand new Jabsco blowers that list for $177.00 that we have priced for $59.00 & $69.00. And, new in the box Jabsco macerater pumps that list for $189.00 that we are selling for $115.00. These items came from an auction. We pay less, we can sell for less. Have a great day...........

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