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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bronze chocks from New Zealand......

Chrome plated and bronze chocks from Chatfield Engineering of New Zealand. After forty years and tons of boat hardware have passed through our hands, we know QUALITY when we see it. When Pacific Seacraft closed their plant and had an auction there were several pallets of pure GOLD!! We were forced to bid against than man that purchased the molds and tooling and is now building the lovely line of Pacific Seacraft sailing yachts. Hard-ball it was on the auction floor but we hung in there and beat out the deep pocket boat builder and ended up with all the hardware from the stock room of Pacific Seacraft yachts. Most of you have never heard of Chatfield Engineering. While in New Zealand on my big schooner "Shearwater" I was in a race and two of my 3/4" turnbuckles broke. The threads on the forks let go and the forks pulled right out of the turnbuckle body. Wow, lucky I didn't lose the entire rig? I checked the rest of my turnbuckles and found a sort of electrolysis on all the threads. Asking around the yacht club all the old salts referred me to Chatfield Engineering. I contacted them and two weeks later I installed 20 of their high quality big turnbuckles on my schooner. Pictured are a couple milk cartons of C.E. chocks. They are large so call or e-mail for measurements. At a glance at the price you'll think that seems high for Minneys? When you see the quality, you'll agree the chocks are fairly priced. To date our best customer has been Pacific Seacraft. P.S. The original owners of Pacific Seacraft went on to start a power boat company. They called it Cabo Yachts. When they were in full production they were importing almost a million dollars of year of marine hardware from Chatfield Engineering of New Zealand......

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