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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"MINNEY MEN AGAINST THE SEA" An epic saga.....

The above picture was taken October 10, 1959. That was the day my father George Minney backed his 65' schooner "Kelpie" out of the dock and departed with his three sons as crew on a one year voyage to French Polynesia. What was supposed to be a dream cruise quickly turned into a stressful and challenging voyage for the entire crew. Three days out of Newport Beach, while laying too on a sea anchor saltwater pounded up the exhaust pipe and put the Chrysler engine out of commission for almost 3 months. Near gales and flat calms tested the Captain and crew to their limits. 1000 strokes on the hand bilge pump in a 4 hour period would test the mettle of anyone. Dragging anchor and going ashore on the island of Nuka Hiva almost finished the trip. Having the wind drop and a strong current setting Kelpie towards a rocky cliff called for the 15' dory to be launched in an attempt to tow the 50 ton schooner to safety. Two guys rowing with all their might brought the bow around to the other tack and saved Kelpie from a watery grave. This and many more stories will be told and I will be showing my 50 year old color film of this epic voyage this coming Thursday, March 1st at the Orange Coast College Sailing Center in Newport Beach. Call 949-645-9412 to reserve a seat. Admission is $15.00 for singles and $20.00 for couples. All admission fees go to the Sailing Center. Show starts promptly at 7:00 PM. The Sailing Center is on Pacific Coast Highway on the bay at the west end of the large Balboa Bay Club building. Hope you can make it. Ernie Minney P.S. Drop by the store between now and show time and pick up a 50% savings certificate........

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