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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is one of my most outrageous deals in the history of my little store. Pictured is a brand new seat cushion, slide on back cushion and two arm rest cushions for Pompanette "ELITE" helm seats. These were all going overseas to be installed on "RIVIERA" power boats. We hijacked the ship and therefore have very little cost in these items. If you tried to order these cushions from Pompanette the price would be over $220.00 per set. We have a limited supply and are selling the set as pictured for $39.95 a set. We want to spread them around and are limiting all orders to six sets per customer. There will be a packing charge of ten to twenty dollars per order and shipping charges will be extra. I know that a group of local yachtsman have petitioned the Vatican to bestow sainthood upon me and I thank them for it. Customers have referred to me as the Mother Teresa of boating and the Robin Hood of the sea. That is also very nice. Our mission statement is "WE KEEP BOATING AFFORDABLE", how are we doing ???


  1. Hi Ernie

    i saw your article for helm seat cushions,i'd be interested to buy two of them for my seats.
    be free to tell me,when you can,how to proceed.
    i live in italy.

    thanks for your attention,

  2. Great pictures! Thank you! I found some more on this website:

  3. are the elite cushions still available if so how do I order

  4. Hi! Are they available to by from you guys?
    thanks Ivan