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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Electrical wire-exhaust hose-Morse control cables

Finally, the trucking is done and we can relax a bit. It took 4 strong guys (I'm one of them) 3 days to move our large purchase of boat gear into our store and surrounding garages and boat sheds. In the marine junk business you don't just pick up the phone, place and order and have it delivered to the front door of your store. No, we travel all of the U.S. in our endless effort of keeping boating affordable and maintaining a constant supply of marine hardware, sails and supplies. Once in the hills above San Luis Obisbo my monster Penske truck full of ABI hardware from San Francisco (never renting from Penske again) broke down in the middle of the night. A nice highway patrol man took me in his patrol car into the town to call Penske. Enroute we turned on the siren and stopped a drunk driver with me as his back-up sitting in his car near his shot gun. We talked about boats as we drove down the steep hills into town, he owned a Catalina 250. I gave him my card as he delivered me to the Apple Farm Inn in SLO, two weeks later he ordered a sail from me. How's that for networking??? Pictured are a couple of items from our latest purchase. About a half ton brand new marine engine exhaust hose priced at a buck a foot and inside diameter inch. A local engine speciality store has been purchasing it from us. Our price is better than their regular hose distributor. Darn, I just had my Down East 38 re-wired with Ancor marine electrical wire and I was shocked at how expensive the wire was. Now, a ton of the stuff falls into my lap! We priced it at $5.00 a pound if you purchase 100 pounds or more. Also pictured are brand new Morse control cables. We think $1.00 a foot a fair price. What do you think? This has been the same price for the past 15 years. P.S. We have 4 brand new wind shields for Riveria Yachts. The label says they are for the "Pacific 3000". They are in two about 4 foot longs halves and are beautifully curved complete with rubber mounting gaskets. The look very expensive. We think $495.00 a set is reasonable. Please pass the word.... Thanks Ernie