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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vents-Buckles & S.S. Exhaust Hose Clamps....

Pictured is a great batch of U.S. Navy bronze turnbuckles. This type turnbuckle were usually used for cable lifelines on large ships. They have sort of an acme thread and the wire was attached by pouring melted zinc into the large cone at one end. They also have some of the little wedges that helps spread the wire. This isn't something that would be too useful aboard your Cal-40. If you have a nautical room in your house or want to rig a mast in your seafood restaurant these WWII rigging screws would look cool. They are about 20" in length with about 5/8" bodies. $35.00 each. 1000 heavy duty 8" hose clamps. Made in USA and all parts 300 series stainless steel. We know $2.95 each is a GIVE AWAY but they are bulky and it's fun shocking you with our awesome low prices! Also pictured is what we think are the engine room side vents for Riviera power boats complete with circulation fans. The seem to have heavy duty Star Board frames with unique louvers that allow air to flow through them while keeping salt spray from coming in. We're a bit out of our element with something like this. Perhaps a Riviera owner can enlighten us. We've priced a set of 4 with hi-tech fans at $495.00.

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  1. Ernie, I found a picture of the bronze turnbuckles online and it brought me here, would you by chance still have these for sale? (I realize it has been a few years) but thought I would ask.