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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bronze pumps & engine controls.......

Pictured are a few of the pumps that end up at our store. Quite often a boat owner sells us his spares knowing that he will get no more money for his boat if he includes the extra pumps, impellers etc. We're not sure what engines a lot of these pumps go to? Usually, local marine mechanics pick them up and re-sell them to their customers at healthy mark-ups. We also have several milk cartons full of impellers. Most are new and an average new impeller for a Jabsco 1" pump would be about $10.00. The engine control pictured is just one of the large variety of gear shifts, and throttles that end up at the store. One engine control manufacturer saw some of his controls on our BLOG and purchased all we had. That kinda sends us the message that he could buy his controls cheaper from us than he can build them. KEEPING BOATING AFFORDABLE is our mission in life...........

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