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Friday, August 5, 2011


Years ago I was clerking in our old store on Pacific Coast hwy. when Jerry Lewis walked in with a couple of his cronies. He walked over to our Chelsea clock display and said, "I want this one and this one and this one" and picked out about 8 brand new Chelsea clocks and barometers. He then said, "deliver the clocks to my boat the "Pink Pussy Cat" at the Balboa Bay Club and I'll see that you get paid. I boxed up the clocks, totaled the bill which came to about $1985.00 and delivered them to his boat. In the salon of his boat he checked the clocks and my bill and then turned to a body guard kinda looking guy and said, "pay the man." The body guard opened a small suitcase (just like in the movies) that was packed tight with $100.00. Jerry took out a bundle and counted out $2000.00 and then asked for change. I told him I had none. He handed me a $100.00 and told me to run up to the Bay Club bar and break it. I did, returned to his boat and then left with $1985.00 cash in my pocket. GEE, NOT EVEN A $15.00 TIP? Speaking of clocks and barometers. Please be aware that we always have a nice selection of used clocks and barometers in stock. Chelsea clocks have become INSANELY expensive. Our look alike imports fill the need for most yachtsman and are 90% less money.

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