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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The saga of "Anita".

The hard work is paying off. Instead of working on my boat I am actually sailing it! First night we anchored behind oil island 'White" in the middle of Long Beach harbor. Next day it was pretty much a motor boat ride to Paradise Cove at the upper end of Santa Monica bay. A good anchorage, a bit rolly but great views of the movie star mansions nestled on the hillsides and cliffs overlooking the ocean. An early departure this morning got us to Channel Islands harbor where we are now guest of the Corinthian Pacific Yacht Club. Boy, have they been nice to us. Flying the NHYC burgee probably helped a little bit too? We've got the guest dock in front of the club, key card, hot showers, pool and jacuzzi etc. Tonight they are celebrating their 35th year as a yacht club in Oxnard, California. 200 people arriving in a few minutes, club all decked out with balloons etc. I told my cook the party was for us, that they heard we would be dropping by and wanted to give us a grand welcome. Not sure she believed me? Off to Anacapa island tomorrow and then Santa Cruz Island. Playing with your boat is sure a lot more fun than working on it. Love my Lofrans windlass, let my cook operate it this morning and I flaked the chain. Team work with your crew makes them want to sail with you again. P.S. This whole area looks a bit depressed? Hundreds of empty slips, buildings and stores closed. The area around the museum almost a ghost town. A great place to keep your boat if you want cruise the northern channel islands. No moorings, little red or gray boats telling you what to do and where to anchor, good fishing etc. The weather leaves a bit to be desired???

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