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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Above pics show a few of the spars we have in the backyard of the store. Long tall one is a Cal-40 mast that I am getting ready to cut up and sell for SCRAP! Two bucks a pound and it's yours, would make a great yacht club flag pole or could possibly go back in a boat. Lots of Sabot mast and booms (we've got a guy making them for us because Sabots are the kid starter boat in Newport Harbor) spinnaker poles to 28 feet, dozens of small boat and racing dinghy stuff, reaching struts, expandable poles and so on. I found a great stay sail boom for my Down East 38. It was the boom off a Cal-25, fit almost perfect. Off the shelf price $85.00. I got it for slightly less. LOL. Good selection of spar fittings, probably 50 milk cartons full of masthead fittings, mast step fittings, tangs, chain plates, boom bails, goose neck fittings, spreaders and spreader tips and on and on? Have a great day and get out on the water............

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