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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Putting new counter tops in the galley area of Anita was really quite simple. And, what made it simple was a great little business on La Palma Ave. in Anaheim, California called "OLIVE MILL". I found them in the yellow pages and was only looking for surplus Corian that might have been left over from other jobs. I'd put counter tops on my large schooner "Samarang" years ago and knew that you can work Corian like wood. It cuts, drills, sands and can be glued. At "OLIVE MILL" I found a great selection of surplus Corian and other materials and spent almost an hour trying to decide on a color. Finally I discovered the perfect piece but it was too small. I had to have it and ordered a 30" X 144" sheet. The hardest part of the job was making perfect patterns of "Anitas" countertops to trace onto the Corian. I then had the bright idea to see if "OLIVE MILL" would cut it out using my patterns. They said they would using their high tech computer cutter. I rushed my patterns up to "OLIVE MILL" (20 minutes from Newport Beach) and met with a great guy named Andy. He was totally interested in my project and we spent about 20 munutes going over the patterns. I departed "OLIVE MILL" thinking how smart I was of having them do the cutting instead of me and my wiggley jig saw making cuts that should be straight. I dropped them off on Friday morning and begged him to have them done by Monday afternoon. Six hours later on Friday I got a call and was told that my counter tops were ready to pick up. Wow, was that speed or what??? I picked them up this morning, rushed them down to my boat. THEY FIT PERFECT!! Gives my boat a whole new look and all future "galley slaves" will forever be indebted to their captain and "OLIVE MILL" for the beautiful new counter tops.......Thanks again, Andy.......

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  1. I am glad to hear your tops fits so well. The pictures you sent look great. We were happy to help and thank you for the business.

    Owner, Olive Mill