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Sunday, January 29, 2012

$1000.00 Band Saws.... $195.00 each !!!

Pictured is what is left of the 18- Rockwell 14" Band Saws that we picked up at the Cabo Yacht auction. We sold most of them for $495.00 each. There's about 5 left and they all have minor parts missing or minor damage. They were packed in the vertical position without being secured properly and fell over in transit. They were all being used daily at the Cabo Yacht facility in Southern California. This make and size is the industry STANDARD for medium size boat building projects. On various boats I was working on I hoisted one on deck and found it invaluable for the work I was doing. These are not the same machines you see at the big box stores for $295.00. This is the Rockwell commercial use model and I am guessing the weight at over 200 pounds. Parts are easy to order for these machines. I found out first hand when at the end of the work day a well meaning friend helped me to put my awning up to cover my tools and band saw. He gave a "yank" on an awning line that was fouled on my Rockwell and I watched as my band saw jumped off the deck of my schooner and landed on its side on the dock six feet below!!!!!

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