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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quality wood rowing oars from New Zealand......

First Quality Gull wooden oars from New Zealand. A "step above" the oars you purchase at the big box stores and priced a bit less. Five to eight footers in stock now. One time deal, this was a boat company's close-out, they're selling fast. Call or e-mail for price and availability. Also is our our popular line by the pound boxes pictured. We purchase it by the TON so why not sell it by the pound. Most is new, some might have a missing thread because the machines kept running until quality control picked up the mistake. Some is odd colors, we have thousands of pounds of a bright green. For some reason, yacht owners don't want green dock lines. I just can't figure it out? I thought the new trend in our country was to GO GREEN. In background of line boxes are twenty 600 foot spools of one inch white double braid yacht line. We ran a special during December for $500.00 a spool and sold a few spools. If you snooze, you loose. Price is now back to $600.00 a spool which is still a great value. Some is polyester and some is nylon.

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