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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bring your boat to our front door !!!

We love it when customers bring their boats to our front door. This happens all the time and is a great way for the boat owner to see if the items he needs are suitable for his boat. The boat on the trailer picture taken this morning. Yes, it finally rained in Southern California. Also pictured are some quality stainless steel mounting plates with pivot ball. These were used on Cabo Yachts to support the gas loaded hatch supports. Is $4.00 a great value, or what? Also pictured is a pile of bimini top hardware. We have over 1000 plastic milk cartons full of small hardware. My pet peeve is that no matter how hard we work, we can never seem to keep like things together and sorted. We do our best but if your are looking for something small like stove gimbals, table mounting hardware, or ladder mounting brackets please be prepared to spend a little time. We know we've got it, but you may have to to a little hunting. As local sailor and close friend Chet Salisbury tells people, "going to Minneys is like an Easter egg hunt, they practically always have what you want, you just have to hunt for it."

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