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Thursday, January 12, 2012

BOAT, bigger than your pocket book ???

Three guesses why my back is aching? Processing used sails is a job that's tough to delegate. With all the new materials sails are be made from these days, I'm having to consult with experts from time to time to find out what some of the hi-tech materials are? What I do know about sails is that they are becoming horribly expensive. I grew up in a family where my dad had a big boat (65' schooner 'Kelpie") and a small pocket book. We scrounged practically everything that went aboard the boat. The mainsail was re-cut from the 78' ketch "Mir", the spinnakers were re-cut from the "Whistle Wing", the anchor windlass was off "Chubasco" and most the head sails were re-cuts from other boats. And you wonder what gave us the idea to open a 2nd hand boat equipment store? Yes, we had thirty years of fun and adventures sailing "Kelpie" around. Did a trip to the South Seas, ran 100's of charters, and put "Kelpie's" name on Ensenada race trophies dozens of times. We did this all with mostly used gear and sails. Moral of the story, if your boat's bigger than your pocket book, out little store is a great place to be outfitting.

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