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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great spinnaker buys!!!

Pictured is a practically new 1.5 ounce spinnaker from Roy Disney's Santa Cruz 70 "Pyewacket" This is a Doyle sail that is in excellent condition (almost new) that would cost new close to $10.000.00. It measures roughly 80' on the luff and about 40' on the foot. We've priced it at the limit of our pricing scale (we price nothing over $1500.00) @ 1495.00. Disney had the "TURBO" rig in the boat so the sail is larger than the standard Santa Cruz 70. We measured over 25 similar sails yesterday with material weights running from .6 Oz. Poly to 8.5 Oz. Poly up to the 1.5 Oz. Poly. Most sails were in very good condition, mostly North with a few Ullman. Our prices averaged out between $1000.00 to $1295.00. Several of the sails were asymmetricals and one even had a sock. How's that for keeping ocean racing AFFORDABLE ???
P.S. We have the sail makers official measurements as stamped on the head of each sail available upon request........

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