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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Pictured is just one of the hundreds of milk cartons that are full of mast, boom and spinnaker pole fittings. Also is a picture of our loaner tools. Through the years riggers and boat owners have sold us their rigging tools, cutters, nicro-press and other hard to find and very expensive tools. Rather than sell them we keep them around and loan them out FREE OF CHARGE. Give us a deposit worth the value of the tool, take it for the length of time you need it and return it and get your full deposit back. We've even got the big rigging vice out of Lido Shipyard. Need to splice some 3/4" wire for your clipper ship? We've got the rigging vice to make it easy, complete with the marlin spikes. P.S. Will the guy that took my $200.00 adjustable battery terminal crimper on a $50.00 deposit PLEASE RETURN IT?

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