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Saturday, January 14, 2012


You must have this machine! We purchased the entire contents of a small machine shop about a year ago. We've sold everything but this high quality engraving machine. Estimated value of the machine and all the tooling, patterns and parts is well over $10,000.00. It's in our way, extremely heavy, probably 1000 pounds or more. Yes, computer machines have made this machine a bit old fashioned but still, it will do a beautiful job and the price is right. Isn't there someone out there that used to operate one of these machines and would just love to have it in his work shop? It is a Groton or Gorton and in its time it was the Rolls Royce of engraving machines. We estimate we have about 500 pounds of parts, alphabet patterns, cutting tools, etc. that go with it. The BLOGGER price today is $995.00 which will include everything. We have a fork lift and can put it in your pick-up truck. The former owner used it for engraving electrical panels for yachts.......

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