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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ernie's been going "nuts" with his marking pen and is reducing prices all around the store.  Rope by the spool that he usually sells by the foot has been reduced to $3.50 a pound.  This results in a 60 to 70% savings for you.  KEVLAR has been reduced to $4.00 a pound on selected spools only.  Factoid!  Did you know that the average price the rope company pays for the KEVLAR thread to make rope out of is $10.00 a pound !!!  There's about a half TON of mixed rope at the front door of the store marked down to $1.50 per pound.  It's moving fast!!!  In the backyard we've reduced the price of rope core, the inner braid of hollow core line from $3.50 a pound to $1.50.  This is great to cut up for sail ties, lashing line, lobster traps etc.  Also, pictured is a nice pair of Lewmar #46 ST chrome plated bronze winches for $1595.00. Handles NOT included.  The Lewmar 40 ST bronze-chrome are about gone.  I think there are about 3 pair left out of an original lot of 40!  We've been Lewmar's secret "liquidation outlet" for the past 25 years.  Have a great day.  P.S. I think my BLOG counter will hit 80,000 today!  Thanks for following my BLOG.  Boats are my life and I know many of you have the same interest.  Me and my crew really work at making hardware and supplies affordable for you.  I could have purchased a "turn key" sailboat but instead bought a "rescue boat."  For the past three years I've been in and out of all the marine stores in our area and at times am shocked at the prices some stores are charging?  Rest assured that I'm on the front line when it comes to holding prices down and giving Southern California boaters a second choice when outfitting their boats.........

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