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Sunday, October 21, 2012


As you explore Minneys you will see that I have been reducing prices on many items. The 4 cyl. Yanmar diesel with 20 hours on it is now $7900.00 instead of $9500.00.  A 2 cyl. Yanmar came in this week and is being test run and serviced.  It will soon be available.  Our favorite rope company has cleaned house and is moving.  We have approximately 2 tons of great line for sale.  Brand new by the spool priced at $3.50 per pound and about a half ton of shorts and misc. priced at $1.50 per pound.  Quite a bit of Kevlar and hi-tech stuff in the mix.  Monster sails sold good this week.  The 2 mainsails off "Morning Glory" are out of my garage and being re-cut at a Quantum loft. The loft manager estimated the new cost at about $60,000.00 each!  The buyer was was a tough negotiator and scoffed at my modest price of $1495.00 each!  To cinch the deal I said, "how bout both of them for $2500.00?" He said, "my truck's on the way to your store!!" Just yesterday a man picked up one of Roy Disney's monster assyo chutes off "Pyewacket" for his large catamaran in Hawaii.  He felt the North sail with a 109' luff was a good value and agreed the price of $1495.00 was extremely fair.  We've cleaned up the chart and navigation area of our store.  All the new charts are in their proper drawers.  Pass the word, I think I am now the only authorized chart agent in Orange County.  A a few minutes in my chart room will produce all the charts to get you from San Diego to Seattle, Washington.  Our charts are priced at $15.00 each.  $20.75 seems to be the price other government agents are selling them for. In local news.  Larry Doheany's big ketch "Kamalii" has been reconditioned after sitting in Newport and not hauled out for about 14 years.  Our local worms are going to have to find another big wooden boat to dine on.  "Kamalii" will be making her new home in New Zealand.  Have a great week and remember, "we keep boating affordable!" Photo is my dad George Minney, my brothers Joseph and Owen and me.  The date is November 1, 1959. Shortly after this picture was taken the Minney men departed aboard the 65' schooner "Kelpie" and sailed to Tahiti.

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