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Friday, October 26, 2012


Here are a few of my favorite video clips that I took during the summer.  I always have my video camera nearby so when I see a whale, a school of porpoise etc. I can capture them.  There is nothing like voyaging in a small boat.  In the late 70's I circled the world in a lovely 70' schooner named "Shearwater." We all have a bit of saltwater in our veins.  It was under sail that our forefathers arrived  in this great country.  Exploring our own country and others in a small boat is truly one of the last freedoms we can all enjoy.  P.S.  Please know that my brother Owen appreciates all your e-mails and outpouring of kindness and interest.  This is my first time on "death watch"and it really screws with your mind?  He's totally mentally alert but his body is shutting down.  He has an amazing mind set and only last night we were laughing about the time on the Tahiti race aboard the 78' ketch "Miramar" a crew member lit a giant string of firecrackers, dropped them into a metal bucket and tried to set the bucket on deck as a gift to the other watch at 3AM in the morning.  Instead, the crew member dropped the bucket into the main saloon of the elegant yacht and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE !!!!

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