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Saturday, October 27, 2012


300 foot rolls of PEC plastic tubing-it's in our way.  Priced reduced to $20.00 a roll.  We just turned a seldom used storeroom into an out of date chart room etc.  1000's of charts available at $1.95 each, also we have old nautical posters and yacht blueprints and drawings for the same price.  We have a special give-away book, "A Cruising Guide To San Francisco Bay"  while they last (have about 500 of them) one per customer FREE!!!  That pile of sails is my "job security"I'm still trying to measure, tag and price all the sails around here.  We get about 5% returns so that means about 95% of you are pleased with the sails we ship to you. Also pictured are about a ton of brand new SS shafts for Cabo Yachts.  We've lowered the price to $500.00 each.  I estimate if you had to purchase a new one from a prop shop it would cost close to $2000.00 ??? Also pictured is a small section of our store devoted to paints and varnishes.  I stock pretty much what I use on my own boat and to keep things affordable for the rest of you we only mark things up 10% over my cost.  Last picture is a Cal-34 I saw in Ensenada.  It's name is PIRATA (Pirate) and has two deck mounted torpedo tubes on the front deck.  You may want to give this guy a wide birth ? P.S.  The woman that owns the big rig (85' tall with all SS rigging and main boom, radar mount, roller furling etc) is going to cut it up for scrap.  It's from the 65' Lapworth cutter "Driver".  I looks totally in good condition and suitable to go into another boat. I estimate the new cost at $50,000.00.  Make me an offer of $1000.00 and I'll try to cinch the deal for you.  It's located in a Costa Mesa boat yard.  No, we won't send you any pictures or specs.  I will sell you the sails that fit the rig however............

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