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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween !!!  Up at 0500 this morning picking up tons new rope and line from a Southern California rope company.  They are moving and are really cleaning house.  We purchase most of it by the pound and that's how we are selling a lot of it.  We are buried in line and we are blowing it out at from $1.50 to $3.50 a pound !!  For you, this means you are saving 60 to 80% off the big box store prices.  A cruiser presently anchored in our harbor was totally excited that he had located almost 200 feet of 5/8 Specta priced at ninety five cents a foot.  "Herr Minney" he said, "how do you do it?  Last time I purchased Specta jib sheets for my 60' ketch I pay $8.00 a foot!!!"  He then tossed the large coil of line over his shoulders and pedaled his bicycle back to the DivBar restaurant to his rubber boat.  In a few days he sails for Ensenada to haul out and then back home to South America.  Got the morning off to a great start.  As we were unloading rope a skipper came in with a pair of Lewmar 40 aluminum self tailing winches as barter goods.  Soon we were loading that lovely pair of bronze chrome plated Lewmar 46"s that we featured in the BLOG a few days ago into the back of his car.  He was $1250.00 lighter but couldn't wait to install the new 46"s while wearing a brand new Minney's TEE shirt.

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