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Friday, March 22, 2013


I'm putting this little BLOG together and looking out the window watching the start of the Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yacht race.  Wind is light, our local paper stated there will be over 30 boats and that most of them are using this race for a tune up for the upcoming Trans Pac.  Now to business.  That Farr 40 main is close to new.  We stole those Riveria engine room exhaust blowers and so can you.  They are 24 volt and brand new out of a crate.  We won't pack and ship them, you gotta pick them up at the store.  Those lapstrake classic sailing dinghys are out of an estate.  One of them is a Dyer Dhow.  Would be great for a restaurant or possibly a museum?  Those 7 big sails are in my patio and I want them out.  They are off Roy Disney's "Pyewacket" and "Windward Passage" Possibly might be one off the German race boat "Morning Glory".  Till the end of the month I'll knock of an additional 40%!!!  Also, we won't pack and ship.  You gotta arrange your own transportation.  A couple of them weigh about 400 lbs and four of us can barely move it.  My neighbors are complaining about the looks of my patio.  Two of them across the street are 2nd story homes that look right into my cliff side sail warehouse.  Have a nice weekend......Ernie


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