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Monday, March 25, 2013


We just finished measuring over 100 small boat sails.  Cal-20's -- Lido 14's -- 4-20's --Etchell 22-s -- Thistle's -- Snipe's -- Prindle Cat's -- Catalina 27's -- Lehman 12's -- Cal-25's -- 505's -- and dozens of others.  They are all tagged and measured and priced at our very modest prices.  To be honest, we're running out of room to store them?  From now till April 15th we are going to give an additional 50% off in an attempt to thin down our inventory.  They are not on-line yet and won't be until after the 15th. Call or e-mail us what you are interested in and we'll search the pile and get back to you.  Our every day customers are already swarming to this pile of sails as if it were a giant "Easter Egg Hunt!!"  You must pay the shipping and there will be no refunds or returning of the sails.  Don't ask for a lot of pictures either.  We have limited man power and a great reputation of being straight shooters.  We get back only 5% of the sails we send out so there's a 95% chance you will satisfied with what we send you.  Have a great week.  P.S.  Our "hit" counter is at about 99,300?  It will be fun to see what happens when we hit the 100,000 mark?  The 3 tags pictured are less another 50%!!  Thus that set of Snipe sails in only fair condition will be $47.50.  The Etchells 22 mainsail in like new condition will be less than $250.00 and the 4-20 mainsail in very good condition will be $97.50. 


  1. nice , that's really great to hear about it. nice job done man. good going.
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  2. If anything in that pile is good for a laguna 26 I would love it. Looking for a main. 25 ft Luff and 10 1/2 foot.

  3. Hi, I'd like to share on a trick- Trim. The Trim of the boat is the fore and aft heeling of the hull, so the helm and crew sit forwards when beating (Going up wind) to dip the bow in to increase the waterline length and reduce the boats leeward slip, then moving backwards in the boat when going downwind, onto the planing surface. The best way to ensure that you have it right is to look at the transom at the water exiting the hull (Without leaning backwards!!!) and you should have a nice smooth flow off the transom, the lack of sound can also aid you (Quiet is good). thanks ~Susana

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