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Friday, March 8, 2013

HUNTER 38 -- Roller Furling Mainsail by U.K.

Processed about 70 sails yesterday.  Pictured is a roller furling mainsail for a Hunter 38.  We grade our sails on the LOW side so you will usually receive a better sail than you expected.  This one received an EXCELLENT or an #8 on a scale of one to ten. We priced this one our maximum price of $1495.00. Now perhaps you think that is high?  The yardstick I sorta go by is that an 8' Sabot sail made out of about 4 oz. material in now close to $400.00. Friends with an Ericson 28 paid $1800.00 for a new main (off season) 2 years ago.  A set of Harbor 20 sails are now about $2500.00. So that means a Harbor 20 mainsail is about $1800.00 and the jib about $700.00?  Thus in my mind you'll be getting the Hunter 38 mainsail which looks brand new for  $300.00 less than a Harbor 20 mainsail which is half the size and weight of the mainsail pictured.  To my way of thinking, someone's going to be getting a great buy on a sail the could circumnavigate the world with..  Also, we processed about ten storm jibs with luffs from 10' to about 35 feet and weights from 9 oz. to 14 oz.  There were also some tri'sails.  One other thing I would like to mention is that we get quite a few sails that spend their lives rolled up on the headstay.  The sun covers and leeches get cooked and the rest of the sail is almost like new.  If you can get a sailmaker that will work with you, purchase one of these sails for "peanuts", have it re-cut and end up with a great sail for a very modest price.

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