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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

J-105 Mainsails at modest prices.........

In today 2 === J-105 Mainsails......Quantum-very good #7 Plus...$795.00.  North Good a #6 Plus $695.00.  Also the Raymarine gadget listed below with a stern mount transducer we guessed it's about a $500.00 item and thought that $245.00 would be an affordable price.  It's brand new in the box.  I'm back from several weeks of skiing in Colorado and started today to measure that 600 bag pile of sails that has been growing in our outside storage area.  Best sail today was a North mainsail for a catamaran that was custom modified by Morrelli.  Has about 55' luff, almost 4 feet of roach, full batten about 9 ounce in almost #8 condition for $1295.00. Mr. North would would probably build you this sail for about 6K!!! Have a great week......Ernie

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