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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keeping sails affordable for 45 years.......

We're adding about 60 bags of sails a day to our sail list on the Minney's Yacht Surplus web site.  Did about 40 spinnakers today.  One that stood out was a Ullman "Code Zero" complete with roller.  Luff a little over 40 feet-.75 Poly solid white, near new for $995.00.  Another was a cruising spinnaker, near new by Doyle complete with a sock.  I think the luff was about 45 feet priced at $995.00!  Hopefully we can get another day of measuring before the rain sets in.  Did some sorting and noted that we have quite a few storm jibs and tri'sails which usually are in near new condition because the skippers that sell me their sails are much too smart to get caught out in STORMS!!!  P.S.  A pair of the Lewmar 46's were returned (to big for the skipper's boat) so pass the word.........$995.00 each...

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