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Sunday, March 24, 2013


We still have a few of the Lewmar 30's and 40's left.  Match the part numbers up with the Lewmar on-line catalog to get the specs.  Also it's a good idea to see what Amazon and the on-line guys are charging for the same winch?  Do your homework and you'll prove to yourself that we're about $300.00 per winch under those guys that probably don't even know what the winch is for? This is a ONE TIME deal and probably can never be duplicated again.  We'll pay the shipping to the lower 48 till the end of April just to sweeten your purchase a little more.

Now to the fun!  If you scroll to the bottom of my BLOG you will see that we are going to hit 99,000 hits sometime today?  I'm pretty proud of that and to kinda celebrate and thank you skippers for checking the BLOG and actually purchasing items from us (we're approaching $40,000.00 on the Lewmar winch purchase we pulled off before Christmas !!!) I have 100 of the popular "MINNEY'S YACHT SURPLUS" baseball caps like the one pictured above (that one has a lot of miles on it, the new ones will look much better) that I want to give away.  We will start mailing out the hats when the BLOG hits 100,000.  All you have to do is e-mail the store and give us a correct mailing address.  But remember, no hat goes out til we hit 100,000 and we will accept no addresses before the 100,000 mark.  Have a great week.  Ernie and the crew at Minneys.  P.S.  You can have your hat any color as long as it's RED.  Also, you guys out of state, we'll take your addresses but if the postage is over $10.00, you ain't getting a hat!!!


  1. Can't see the page counter on my phone. Got to get me one of those hats to match my three shirts I bought. How much to buy one?

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