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Monday, March 18, 2013


BIG Dacron sails.  We have a complete suit of sails off the 70' Lapworth cutter "Driver".  It looks as if the owner purchased a new suit of sails from Hood about 20 years ago, used them a couple of times and then put them into storage.  The only real signs of use are some fading on the sun covers and I think a bit of work on the mainsail.  Any stains or damage to the sails looks as if it came from poor storage and moving them around.  The quote from North for a new mainsail for Alaska Eagle was $12.000.00 almost 3 years ago.  The main off Driver is about the same size.  If there is the skipper of a big boat doing charter work or about to head for Tahiti.  You might give these sails your consideration. The money you'll save, will pay for your trip.  Also, in addition to the sails I also have the entire aluminum rig off "Driver" that can be available for a little above "scrap metal" prices.  That Catalina 38 class genoa is near new. Has a bit of a large luff tape on it but can be changed for less than $400.00.  A sail that size I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. North would come in on a quote of close to $4000.00. Another 100 sails will be on-line tomorrow.


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