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Monday, September 19, 2011

Blow your sails. NOT YOUR RIG!!!

Blow your sails, not your rig. If the 78' ketch "Mir" (now re-named "Miramar") had been outfitted with good used sails from Minneys, the following dis-masting would not have occured. Minney has been providing gently used sails for cruisers and racers for the past 40 years. The special feature about a good used sail from Minneys is that, "it sure to blow out before our rig goes overboard!!" Just kidding of course. Lots of our sails are brand new from all the popular sail makers. The above picture was taken by a photographer named Lois Kennedy. She was on Diamond Head taking pictures as the Mir was finishing the Trans Pac race. The owner of the "Mir" wanted to look good for finish photos. As the "Mir" approached the finish line, the wind went forward and so did the spinnaker pole. With the pole near the head stay the butt of the pole put huge loads against the mast pushing it out of column. The mast exploded, and down it came. No one was injured. The crew cut the rig loose and let it sink. Since the boat hadn't crossed the finish line, the crew set a mizzen spinnaker and crossed the finish line going backwards. This is one of the ALL TIME yacht racing photos...........

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